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Ethiopia Sidamo x Chire Station

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    This Grade 1 natural process Chire station coffee is sure to please. G1 natural lots from this station regularly score above 90 points at cupping by Ethiopian cuppers - the inventors of Coffee. Chire station located in the Guji Region of Sidamo in the fertile highlands on the edge of the Harenna Forest, in the shadow the Bale Mountains at 2100 MASL. Most of the coffee that is grown in this region is produced on small 2 hectare family plots and is brought to the Sidamo washing station for wet processing. The Sidamo region is one of three geographically trademarked coffee regions in Ethiopia - Sidamo, Harrar and Yirgacheffe. This is the French equivalent of ensuring that no one can call a wine Merlot or Champagne unless it comes from those regions of France.  Sidamo has a coveted taste that consistently achieves high cupping scores thanks to its is well-balanced flavor profiles with notes of berries and citrus (lemony) with complex acidity.


    ROAST: Medium
    NOTES: Boysenberry, blueberry, plum, heavy body, milk chocolate
    FINISH: Smooth and complex acidity


    LOCATION: Sidamo, Ethiopia
    PRODUCER: 800 small holder farms

    VARIETAL: Heirloom Landrace
    PRODUCTION METHOD: Natural process - Washed and raised bed sun dried